....all in sock yarn!

Meet Lamitra.



Bias, slouchy and sideways. What's not to love? Add in a bit of basic lace and a Garter stitch brim (with a garter stitch graft) and you have a wonderfully soft, drapey Hat that just about anyone can wear - it really is  Hat for all face shapes and hair styles.



The construction works beautifully with hand-paints. The lines flatter the shape and face and I'm very much in love with this Hat. There are a few little tricks at play to fine tune the details, the sort of things that make me feel clever designing and I hope they make you feel clever too, when knitting it.



The featured yarn is Handmaiden Casbah sock... I'd never worked with it before and it's an absolute dream. The fibre content really lends itself well to the shape. One of my testers knit this in one of the mainstream sock yarns and it's stunning, so it's certainly doable in something more budget friendly!

Our 9th Hat is Vortice.



It's sideways and pointy and structured and and and! Such a strong Hat, and such a simple concept.



This Hat won't work with plain or semi-solids - it begs for bright, vibrant yarns. It's very easily resized and offers a great chance to practice a few techniques, too. There's also the chance to change the top shape - it's up to you, really.



The featured yarn is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock, and it's a decent, sturdy sock. Just the right kind of yarn for this Hat. Not sure what else to say about this one, except that I love it!

And now our final Hat, no.10. Meet Dancette.



The construction is simply calculated increases and decreases, worked sideways. I've done the calculations for you, in 3 sizes, and once you've cast on the pattern is rather rhythmic. And once past the first few rows it's also easy to see where you may have gone wrong, as the pattern presents itself clearly - there's not as much thinking involved as it may appear.



I'm really happy with the photos for this one, too. They say it all, really! 



This is another Hat that really does want hand-dyed and hand-paints - soft or plain colours won't do the structure justice. This sample is knit in Whimzy Merino sock, in a colourway inspired by the Hunger Games, and I'm really glad this was recommended to me - a great yarn to work with!

And I've just realised - *ahem* - that my favourite Hats in this collection are all sideways.... oops ;)

So there we have the 10 Hats! Which are you favourites? I'd love to hear which ones you'd like to knit first, and what with.

And tomorrow... I'm really excited about tomorrow, because I'm really excited about the cover. More details will follow with how and when you can get your hands on these Hats!

Until then :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead