This is where I think a lot of knitters will get excited - the sock yarn Hats! I have to confess that sock yarns and finer don't always do it for me; I've a rather low boredom threshold and as much as I'm a process knitter, I'm a process knitter who needs it done already! That said, I enjoyed this exploration - the things I could do with shape and colour and form that just aren't possible with heavier weight yarns really grabbed me.

The 6th Hat in the collection is Risalire.



From a technical point of view, this was tricky to photograph. Short rows in a Garter stitch brim and a fine stepped slip stitch pattern on the body all make for fine intricate subtle details that aren't hidden by the colours, but do look like quite different up close to afar.



I'm rather enjoying bonnet shaping at the moment. It's a great solution for keeping the ears warm and shaping the face without ear-flaps. This one isn't a fast knit, but well worth it, and great comfort knitting too, I found!



This sample is knit in Koigu PPM and it's lovely stuff! Given the different levels of details, this Hat would work just as well in a plain or semi-solid, but I do love the optical effect in the brights!

The next (and final) Hat for today is Gallone.



Who wouldn't want a chevron brim in such colours! This Hat is incredibly simple to knit, with a couple of techniques thrown in - prov cast-on, grafting, picking up sts and slipped sts. The shaping is created by the folding and grafting and it's rather satisfying when it comes together.



This sample is The Knitting Goddess British Wool sock, and the shade is 'Flower Power' which I think is the perfect description! Given the construction, the Hat is also incredibly easy to adjust if you don't hit gauge or for inbetween sizes. I don't think it will work as well in solid colours - it is the self-striping nature that sets this one apart.



The sun decided to come out during these shots which isn't something I usually encourage (or rather, sun in my photos in my photos is something I prefer to avoid, similarly sky!) but I think it works - adds to the dramatic effect of the colours :)

Tomorrow I'll reveal the final 3 Hats, and then friday I'll reveal the cover and offer the eBook pre-sale offer! Early purchasers will receive the patterns as singles as they're ready, and I'll make sure there's something for you to start on over the long weekend ;) Can't wait for you to see all of them and tell me which are your faves! I kinda think I've saved the best 3 till last...

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