The next two Hats I want to show you are in the DK and Sports weight range - my plan at the moment is to order the patterns within the book in descending weight order, which for whatever reason feels very logical to me!

The first pattern to share today is Helical.



Helical is everything you want in a cosy, slouchy Hat. Knit in Socks That Rock heavyweight, there's plenty of drape and vibrant colours to boot.



It's the only Hat in the book with any kind of cable or travelling stitch technique, and that's fine. Given that it is Garter stitch, you'll also find slipped stitches to help balance out the fabric.

As I'm sure you already know, one of the challenges of working with Garter stitch in the round is the join - it just jogs, it can't help itself. It's a perfectly normal thing that happens when stitches change from knit to purl and vice versa, but disguising it isn't easy. In small doses it doesn't really bother me, especially in finer weight and heavily variegated yarns. Yet at this weight, and all the way up the Hat, it had to be hidden. And it is. It's one of those little tricks that pleases me so ;)



Although it might not be obvious, there's a proportional element to this Hat too, and the design definitely ticked all my happy boxes! Garter stitch, especially slouchy Garter stitch at this gauge is yarn thirsty, and thankfully the STR yarn comes in a slightly heavier skein :)


The second and final Hat for today is Cornice. 



Inspired by Quynn, one of my most popular Hats, I wanted to play some more with integrated ear-flaps. It is, however, an entirely different Hat under the hood (scuse the pun).



The mathematical structure behind this Hat differs, and it has a flatter, more fitted crown. Not to mention that giant pompom! The lines of ridges help emphasise the colour changes, and the shaping at the ear-flaps - one big difference here is that the ear-flaps are shaped as they merge into the body, which doesn't happen in Quynn - it makes for a more elegant fit.



The sample is knit in Manos Silk Blend, which is one of my favourite yarns! Working up to a light DK or sports weight gauge, it's both warm, soft and light.

That's all for today - tomorrow we'll start to meet the Hats in sock yarns!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead