There are a few of my older patterns that, for a variety of reasons, won't be carried forward and revised or updated and hence won't be part of the new catalogue. Rather than have these patterns disappear, I thought I'd make them free :). They are in the new layout, but otherwise haven't changed.

If you've previously purchased either of these patterns, look out for an email update from me in the next few days containing a coupon code. If you purchased them as part of the 'Chullo Collection' bundle, you'll receive a combined value coupon. These patterns have been unavailable for sometime (almost a year?), which was intentional as I didn't want anyone buying them then being told a week later they'd be free.

I'll park these here for the time being, and update the Ravelry links to this post too. When the new website is (finally, finally!) built, they'll have their own page again. Until then, the old pages have been disabled.

As with all my free patterns, all support is handled via my Ravelry forum - any questions, even about delivery or older versions, please pop them over there. 

Firstly, here's Scrappy Flapper!


Scrappy Flapper




And here's My Dear Stalker!

My Dear Stalker



(Mr Tom hated modelling for these Hats... you can tell, can't you....)

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