Louise, from KnitBritish, is here to welcome a guest poster on the blog today.


As you may know this year is Woolly's 10th Anniversary and some of her closest comrades, collaborators and best muckers have been helping celebrate with a blog tour. Rachel Coopey, Katya Frankel, Clare Devine, Carol Feller and The Knitting Goddess have written posts so far, with more to come before Christmas.


In addition to these stops on the tour there are other people who are keen to share their friendship with Woolly and what her ten years of Hatterly exploration has meant to them.


Today we welcome Patricia, Cottonon on Ravelry, who is one of the group moderators over in the Woolly Wormhead Hats group on Ravelry, test knitter of all WW hats and great friend too!




I first discovered Woolly Wormhead seven years ago in November 2008 when I knitted her Meret Mystery Knitalong that I’d stumbled across on Ravelry.

Round about the same time she put out a request for someone to knit Dylan's Beanie as she'd given her own sample away without taking a photograph. My fascination with her work quickly grew from there.

Knitting Woolly's hats is inspiring because of the variety of styles and techniques which stretch my range of skills with each project. Her patterns are so easy to follow and there is great support on her forum.  

Serendipitously, Tucked, the recent Hat-a-long, happens to be the hundredth Woolly pattern I have knitted.  If I count the number of repeats, I've probably knitted a gross of Woolly hats! Many of my repeats have been what we term 'fusions' where I have combined features from different Woolly patterns. My favourites feature the brim from Ruislip and the Pleated Beret body pattern, and the brim from Encircle with the body from QL Slouch.  I have also been known to add the peak from Camden Cap to other designs, my favourite of these being Wickery.




I first met Woolly in person at the Ravelry Day 2009 event in Coventry and it was like meeting a friend I'd known for years…..




We met again in September that same year at I Knit in London when Woolly asked me to join her team of test knitters. I was delighted, and a little nervous, at being asked but I've carried out and enjoyed that role ever since, my first test knit being Alveare (October 2009)




Comparing our Nupkins at Purl City in Manchester 2011




Our meetings ‘in real life’ have been comparatively few, but I feel that we have developed a genuine ‘real life’ friendship.

Congratulations, Woolly, on your 10th anniversary and I hope to be knitting and wearing your Hats for many more years to come.



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