If you joined us this year for the MKAL then you'll know the pattern reveal was a week ago! I'm still chasing my tail trying to get everything done but it's better late than never, right? (some things I'm more than a week behind on, so I'm counting posting this today as a win)


This year's Hat was a little different in style to previous years - we've never had a mystery beanie-esque Hat. I was a little nervous about this to be honest, as it isn't the most popular of styles, but I hoped the additional features would pay off, and feedback on the forum indicates they did :) (muchly relieved!)


The intriguing feature with this Hat is it's split Brim. I've used this before on bonnet style Hats (e.g. Risalire) but not before on a style like this, and I think it's a real winner. It's key function is to stop the Hat rising up with long hair, and it does just that! Even with short hair it's a winner - the split nuzzles into the nape of the neck and wraps around the head, keeping the ears warm just as earflaps would. It doesn't get into a fight with your coat collar and it plays nicely with your scarf.



The cable pattern that adorns the Body is a delight to work - it's one of those that's a lot simpler than it looks, and it's only a short repeat (6 rows) which is easy to memorise - it really is an enjoyable knit.

The name of the Hat is inspired by Helter Skelters, and until it was queried on the forum it hadn't dawned on me that this was a rather British thing. It seems that the term is barely used outside of the UK, and the ride itself is also uncommon outside of the UK and would most likely be known as something else entirely. So there was me feeling chuffed and all clever with the name, only to have it not make sense to some people!

Here's a quick photo I took of the Helter Skelter in Southend over the summer:



We had record numbers join us this year for the Mystery Hat which is brilliant, and the number of finished projects by the reveal date was also up - a wine-win, I'd say!

I've not had the chance yet to build a webpage for it (and as the new build is in progress, I've been holding off doing too much work to the old site) but you can hop over to Ravelry to buy the pattern (you don't have to be a member). It's also available at LoveKnitting, too.

Thank you to everyone who took part, and I hope you enjoy your Hat :)

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