Earlier in the year I'd indicated that after a few months of the EU VAT being implemented, I'd look again at costs and whether or not I'd need to adjust pattern prices.

Putting aside the VAT that I pay on the patterns I sell, business costs are up more than I expected. I guess it's not surprising, given that I run a no tangibles digital only business - a huge chunk of my expenses, after people (labour ) and yarn costs, are digital goods. Ebooks, software, web hosting, domain email addresses to name but a few, and of course platform selling fees. Costs are up in nearly all of those areas thanks to this ill thought through law, and I can't afford to swallow those costs.

After much thought, I've decided to increase the cost of single patterns from £3.50 to £3.75 only. Ebooks will stay the same in both £GB and $USD, and single patterns listed in $USD won't change either, remaining at $6.00 which is the price they've been for some time. All print prices will remain the same except for the RRP on UK and EU single pattern sales - this will change to reflect digital prices.

The price increase will be effective from January 1st. Later on next year I'll evaluate again and see how things are. Once the new website is finished (I keep saying that, eh?) then Ravelry prices will switch to $USD and this website will remain in £GB - which has always been the plan (and yes, patterns purchased on this site will still go into your Ravelry library!)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead
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