14th November 2005 saw me publish my first Hat design right here on this blog. Well, on my Blogspot blog which was imported and merged with the website some 6 or so years ago, but here nonetheless.

That first Hat pattern was Tri-Peak, and I still remember that feeling of satisfaction as I closed the top and this structured Hat sat before me.

10 years on, Tucked is my latest design, and I find it very reassuring to see that sculptural Hats are still right here at the forefront of what I do. In my hunt for photos of the original Tri-peak I found *loads* of my old Hats, most of which I worked on before publishing this pattern, and it was wonderful to see them all again (a blog post in the making, perhaps?)

During these 10 years I've explored lots of techniques and structures, and followed many different paths of exploration. From twists and cables to bias knits and lace and extravagantly detailed crown shapings. Every design has been an experiment, and every published design a successful experiment.

Over the coming weeks some of the very good friends I've made along this journey will be sharing their own thoughts about Hats, our relationships and my work for a 10th anniversary blog tour. The tour was the brain child of Ms Knit British and I'm excited and nervous and humbled to read what everyone has to say. (I promise I'll try not to hide, K?)

As posts are published I'll update this post with links, as I think there's a few surprised to be found along the way, and some fabulous prizes to be had! Follow along?

And here are the links for all of the 10th Anniversary posts!

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