Carol Feller's recent new collection, Dovestone Hills features designs all knit in Baa Ram Ewe's Dovestone DK. Carol describes it as a "soft, durable yarn with a delicate palette of earthy tones" and it is just that. I was lucky enough to gain a skein or two at TNNA this year, and I've a cable design on the needles for it.

When chatting to Carol about her book I said I'd love to review it, from my usual Hat perspective, so she sent along a digital copy.

And you all know I like my sideways knit Hats!

Palatino doesn't disappoint lovers of sideways knit Hats, or any Hat lovers for that matter.



Getting straight to the meat of it here - the crown. The crown is the most important part of a Hat in my opinion (and just like you know I like my sideways knit Hats, I also like my intricate crown details) and it's the part I consider first when I design a Hat. The crown of Palatino doesn't disappoint - look at that wonderful star detail, created as the cables circle around the top of the Hat.


What I love most about sideways knit Hats is that the relationship between the different sections of the Hat is much more apparent. Because you are knitting a series of panels consecutively, you are always knitting a part of the crown and a part of the body and a part of the brim. Always. You knit a bit of each in every row, and it's rather magical to see it come together on the needles.

The other magic of sideways knitting, any sideways knitting for that matter, is cables. Knitting horizontal cables is a tricky business and you never quite get the same effect - it's far more fun to turn your knitting through 90 degrees. Palatino really makes good use of this magic, with intricate cables twisting and turning their way around the Hat. It's beautiful! Carol's done an amazing job working the cables all the way through every part of this Hat.



Palatino comes in 2 sizes - 21 (23.5)” / 53.5 (59.5) cm - and comes with fully charted and written instructions. There's also a full grafting directive written into the pattern, to help you finish the Hat seamlessly. The Hat isn't available as a single pattern, you'll want to buy the whole collection to get it, but I don't think you'll be disappointed with anything in this collection - there's something in there for everyone. Carol's elegant style comes through in each of the pieces.

Dovestone Hills is available on Ravelry and on Carol's website, where you'll also find the print options (you can buy the print+digital bundle, which I know many knitters appreciate).

It's a bit of a sideways Hat mutual appreciation week this week - Carol wrote a lovely blog post for the Woolly Wormhead 10th Anniveray tour!

all images Copyright © Carol Feller, reproduced with kind permission.

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