I know, I know... a spurt of posts and then silence for a month. I've been away to Switzerland to teach, which was fun, and mostly I've been keeping my head down working ridiculously long hours. It's the busy season and there's lots to organise and say and there are only so many hours in the day. We're mostly OK, just tired!

And just like that, we're in November. And I can't not talk about the MKAL.



As of today, the MKAL is on sale for the price of £3. Style wise we're looking at something different to previous years, something more fitted, yet still suits a wide range of faces and hair lengths.

Yarn wise, we're looking at worsted, and a semi-solid or solid, ideally, as there's lots of texture in this one! There's room to mix up yarns, as the first part of the Hat is quite plain, and there's an optional bobble, and they'd look fabulous knit in a contrast or highly variegated yarn, with the main section in your solid.

The Introduction file as always includes a range of gauges, and you could quite happily work with yarn somewhere between DK and Aran. Obviously you'll need to swatch and measure your head to get the best results, but there's some flexibility and style options and fun to be had!

The Ravelry discussion thread is already busy with yarn choices and gauge checks, which is great to see! We had such a lively KAL for Tucked and I really hope that carries on with the MKAL, too. It's always such a treat to see so many Hats and so much lively discourse :)

There's lots more information on the Mystery pattern page and on Ravelry - do pop over and join in? See you there!

eta/ and of course daft me forget to tell you about the PRIZES.



This is a prototype project bag for a design I've developed. There are lots of Japanese knot bags out there - that's nothing new. But I find most of them too big for Hats, or the straps too long (I knit as I walk around the supermarket - a long strap and/or big bag just gets in the way) or the base was too curved and the thing wouldn't sit straight. Well, this is one that sits snuggly and comfortably on the wrist, is nice and compact and Hat sized, and has a square base.

And because I like seamless things, it has an invisible seam construction (i.e. there's no visible turn-through seam. Which in turn means there's a small amount of hand sewing)

The fabrics are all from my stash (erm, lots of circles) and it also has fancy-pants labels!

I've made a whole bunch of these and I have them stored away for KAL prizes. The first 5 have gone out to winners of the Tucked KAL, and there will be 5 on offer for the MKAL, too. I'd like to be able to offer them for KALs in the future too (provided I don't fall out with sewing again)

Something hand-made as a prize is a bit special. It makes me very happy to be able to offer these. And in addition, I'm sourcing yarn so there'll be 100g of yarn to go with the bag, so you'll be fully set for Hat knitting. Where else would you get such prizes?!

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