I've been so busy with trying to get on with 2015 (hello, VATMOSS mess and some shiny new book projects) and not look back long enough to even say goodbye to such a horrid year, that I've totally failed to reflect on 2014 in Hats!



From top left we have:
Half Theory, Lexie, An Angular Cap, Asymloche, Darkke (Simply Knitting issue 115), Giostra, Kernmantle, Out of the Darkness, Banksia, Sophora, Slipped Ridge, Woodland Slouch (Let's Knit! issue 82), Wrapped (Plied, Autumn 2014), Brindled (Knitty, Deep Fall), Torsione (The Knitter issue 77), Striped Beanie (Simply Knitting issue 124)

No books, a few patterns in magazines, a handful of designs republished and transformed, and several single patterns. 

So... 14 new designs in all in 2014. 2013 saw 17 new designs,  2012 saw 27 new designs;. 2011 saw 35, 2010 saw 34, 2009 saw 14, 2008 saw 24 and 2007 also saw 35, with 2006 at 30. (2005 saw 4 which was the first year... 10 years ago.)

2014 was one of my least productive years on the pattern release front, but considering how difficult the year was, I'm really chuffed I managed this much. And having patterns published in some competitive and well known magazines adds to that feeling of achievement.

I've gone from not wanting to look back and be reminded of how difficult the year was with Aran being so critically ill and my numerous biopsies and surgery, to looking back and thinking that not only did we survive the year on the health front, but the business, and my creativity, survived too. 

Take that, life!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead