Noma was originally published way back in 2010 in SlipKnot, the journal of the KCG (Knitting & Crochet Guild (UK)). I designed it using some gorgeous handpsun yarn that BabyLongLegs sent me, a blend of merino and cashmere named 'An Ode to Vincent'. I've had every intention of republishing the pattern, but it's just kinda sat there, waiting.

The problem is, is that it's not an easy Hat to photograph. The original shots weren't all that great, and each time I've got it out to reshoot it, it's found it's way to the bottom of the pile again.

It's a Tom sized Hat, which means that really, he's the only one who can model it.

This has never really impressed Tom much.









I think we got there this time, though.

Noma is available free and you can click over and download the PDF now.

Have fun knitting it, as well as wearing it!

Before you go, do tell us which is your fave of the photos - ta :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead