There are lots of exciting things lined up for the next few months.. some of them are top secret and will be revealed nearer the time, and some I can tell you about right now!


Firstly, we have Slipped Ridge in that wonderful Cashmere/Yak blend from The Little Knitting Company. This one is in the final stages of testing and editing and will be ready before we know it. The soft texture on this one makes it a solid unisex hat - it can be paired with different colours very easily.


Next we have Northend in Fyberspates Scrumptious Aran. It's a great quick knit, making it ideal for gifts or last minute Hats. This one is edited and tested and scheduled for release soon (I mentioned that for the first time ever I've gotten all organised and have a publishing schedule, yes?)


Here we have Giostra, in Lornas Laces Bullfrogs & Butterflies. It's another quick knit, and surprisingly warm, too. The detail works brilliantly with hand dyed yarns, so you can really go to town with the colours!


This Hat has been published this month with Simply Knitting, and uses that same luscious Yak/Cashmere yarn - it's so light and yet so warm, and a little goes a very long way. The rights won't revert back to me for 6 months, and when they do, there'll be a 2nd version to go with the pattern. In the meantime though, it's on the shelves now :)


You'd be forgiven for thinking it was all about beanies this season.... it isn't, but there's at least 3 other patterns in other styles due for publication which I can't share with you! And then of course there's the Mystery KAL, and that's not far from being finished. All I can say there is the choice is yours, and who doesn't have sock yarn in their stash?


Alongside all the new releases, there are lots of older designs getting a fresh look, and this is just as exciting. Nothing makes me happier than to see a design I'm still proud off finally get the limelight it deserves through better photos. And it feels like there are *loads* of them waiting for their moment.

As I've said previously, very few of these are actually changing in the pattern itself, so please don't hesitate to purchase if it's one you'd like to get going with. Everyone who has purchased one of the revised patterns will get the updated version, so you'll get both versions. Furthermore, some of them are seeing a slight price increase after the extras, so purchasing early gets you a bargain. I'd hate for folk to wait and miss out, when they can start knitting now and have the benefit of the extras.

We've Alyx modelling Weekender; there'll be no changes to this pattern - it will have extra tutorials added and will go from £2.50 to £3.

Tracy modelling Cabled Cap. Same as Weekender above; no pattern changes, extra tutorials and slight price increase.


Roberta modelling Trellis Beret, which will follow the same changes as both Cabled Cap and Weekender.



Actually, I could go on for days sharing new photos, so I'll leave it there for now. Needless to say, I've been rather busy! And for once I almost feel on top of things.

I'm recovering in bed this week, following surgery last thursday, making the most of the extra sleep. Surgery all went well (small organ removed; everything else hunky dory) and I do feel quite positive, health wise... things finally seem to be going in our favour. 

I'm looking forward to the coming season and seeing everyone's fabulous Hats. Bring it on!

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