How did it get to late August already?

You may be surprised to hear that I've been busy on the pattern front behind the scenes over the last couple of months, and there's a whole host of patterns queued up for release. I don't think this has ever happened before (or should I say, I've never been this organised before) and given life of late, I'm feeling a little bit impressed with myself. And I'm also kinda wondering how this all happened.

The first release today is Banksia:



Josie's wonderful suggestion won the naming competition, and Banksia it is. Describes it pretty well, no?



There are 3 sizes in the pattern, and due to the change in yarn and gauge, those sizes are a little different to the original. A slight adjustment in yarn/gauge/needle size will provide even more sizes, should the one you need not be listed.

The pattern has been tweaked and tidied a little, but is essentially the same in nature. An illustrated tutorial for the cast on is included, and the charts are large and clear and on a page all of their own.

What really makes a difference though is the yarn. The Langdale Superwash from Eden Cottage has such luster and drape and deep, subtle colourways that make the Hat look so very different. The Hat to hold is wonderfully soft and it wears so well - it really is the right yarn for the design.


The second release today is Darkke:



And here's Mr. Tom looking rather dashing with his beard! (not that he'd agree, mind)



Darkke was originally published in Simply Knitting no.115, which hit the shelves last December. It's been revamped and reformatted and of course, rephotographed and it's there for the taking. With 3 sizes included and instructions in both written and charted format, you get  a fair bit for the price. There's also an illustrated tutorial for the cast on, and feedback from knitters says this helps a lot.

The recommended yarn is Semi~Precious DK from my buddy BabyLongLegs. It's a strong, structured yarn that gives brilliant stitch definition and you really can't go wrong with it. Gorgeous stuff.


Both of these will be featured in the Newsletter which will be going out later today, so if you've not signed up yet now's your chance! Invariably I'll offer a promotional discount that's exclusive to subscribers, so it'll be worth joining for that alone.

Hat season is almost here...

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