I'm home from a fantastic weekend in Cambridge, which was the last of my (our) travels for work and play. While I recover and get my head back together, I thought I'd share a few favourite shots that I took on a photoshoot last week.

I've been asked by a fellow designer to be the photographer for their next book. This was both exciting and daunting at the same time, as I've never worked for anyone else - only for my own business or for family - and I still struggle to see myself as a photographer, or at least, as a professional photographer. Guess that's changed then!

The shots below naturally aren't from the new, secret project, but as is my way, I took the opportunity to shoot a few of my own Hats in need of fresh photos. I tend to be an opportunist photographer - I've a rolling stock of Hats that I reshoot on a regular basis, especially if I'm working with a new model or new location or have a new design to shoot. Not only does it help me practice and improve the presentation of my patterns, but it also gives me the chance to get new shoots of the Hat on a different model, which is something I value greatly as you know.

I'm especially chuffed with these shots. I spent a fair bit of time researching light and methods for this shoot, as I new I'd be working with skin colours and light tones that I've not had that much experience with. And despite having got myself into such an anxious state about it, the 2 day shoot went well. 



Here we see Traversa, which is in desperate need of fresh photos. The pattern isn't ready for the new layout yet, as I need to calculate yardages (all patterns going into the new layout will have this info added) and I may well add an additional size, so I'm ahead of myself getting the photos done first! But that's no bad thing, right? 



Next up is Cabled Cap, and the photos for these are probably my favourites from the first day. The pattern itself doesn't need any work and I don't think it will be too long before this one is republished in the new layout. Doesn't this Hat look so elegant? It's one that does well when I take it to the Hat Clinics, as it suits so, so many people, but the older photos didn't seem to do it justice.



The last photo for today is of Bellefleur. The astute will notice that this has been reworked, and that in turn means that the pattern will have additional notes and details added, which will require a glance over by my tech editor. The long Brim option will remain, but I felt that a shorter Brim bought it up to scratch - the long Brim is hard to wear and this option makes it more accessible.

We did shoot more Hats that this, and there are many, many more photos but this is all I've had the chance to go over in the last week! These are all unedited shots too, and I'm very happy with the light and framing of them. Our model Tracy really suited this beret style and I couldn't resist shooting as many of these as I could on her - isn't she just stunning?

Right - I need a few more days of quiet then I'll be back to share some more of our travels. We've some great non-Hat photos to share, too. 

ps/ thank you for all the well wishes for Aran! He's improved greatly and the rapid bounce back from this relapse has been very reassuring!

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