We've been around and about these last few weeks; travelling for work and pleasure, and I've fallen behind a little. It can be hard to keep up, especially when the internet is involved! One new pattern to be published recently is Woodland, in the latest issue of Let's Knit.


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The Woodland Slouch is knit in Fyberspates Vivacious DK, and you can read more about the yarn and find stockists over on the Fyberspates blog. The pattern includes 5 sizes and makes good use of a single skein.

The pattern can be obtained digitally by following this link. Alternatively, the rights to the pattern revert back to me 3 months from the publication date, which in turn means I can republish the pattern as a single from late October.

I'm really pleased to see this one published, as it's path wasn't a smooth one! This was one of the few patterns I was working on when Aran was taken seriously ill over Xmas, and I hate to let anyone down, even with the best of reasons.


Talking of the wee man - Aran fell ill again 2 weeks ago, when the HSP returned. We were worried that things would get worse and that we might not set off on our travels, as test results showed worrying blood, protein & ketone results. But our boy is a fighter and each relapse is proving less problematic than the last. In no time at all the protein and ketone levels dropped right back down, and in fact the protein levels are the healthiest for months, which indicates the chronic kidney disease might never be a thing.

We met with the consultant in mid July and they're keen to investigate just why Aran's immune system behaves the way it does. Both of the diseases he has are less than common, and it is rare to have both, and with that in mind it wouldn't hurt to investigate what's going on (we do know it's a Type 3 Hypersensitivity - his immune system isn't weak; on the contrary, as it over-reacts). The consultant does feel that despite everything - despite having gone into renal failure once already and despite the frequent relapses and despite having both diseases, Aran's prognosis is good. And that's such a relief to hear.

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