Unwind Brighton is just around the corner, and it's now time to reveal the brand new design for the show! Exciting!


Let me introduce Asymloche.

Asymloche is an asymmetrical sideways knit. And I'm really rather happy with it.


The crown is off centre and can be worn in a number of different ways. It doesn't follow the standard Hat construction in the sense that the crown isn't flat and sitting on top of a tube. It's curved all the way through and fits the head beautifully. The angle of the curve alters across the Hat, too.


The structure is emphasised by applied I-cords, and that's where all those extra tutorials will come in handy.


Because of it's construction, and the formula for the shaping and short rows, sizing is achieved through gauge. Two sizes are included in the pattern, to cover the most common Hat sizes, yet it's not too tricky to achieve a different size through variations in needles and/or gauge. Row gauge is the important factor for circumference fit, and stitch gauge affects the depth.


Asymloche is designed for a new yarn by Juno Fibre Arts, and in a new colour, too. The development process has been interesting, and it's been a great experience to collaborate in this way. It's also a little daunting, as I've no idea if anyone else will like the colour as much as we do.


After all the samples and models and reknits, I think the finished Hat is worth the effort. Yes, there's a fair few techniques in there but it's simpler than it looks, I promise. There are fiddly bits that will test your patience but I think you'll find it a worthwhile challenge.

Don't let the fact that my tech editor described it as a 'brain bender' put you off.


And of course, it's a sideways knit. Who doesn't love a sideways knit? A sideways knit cloche, at that.


The yarn is Buffy Pure DK and is also launching at Unwind this weekend! A new pattern and a new yarn - cool, no? Asti has dyed up a whole host of colours for the show, including this one. It's a really lovely yarn to knit with, and has all the warmth and woolliness you'd expect from a 100% BFL yarn. It's a purely British yarn, too.


Asymloche will be available to purchase from tomorrow morning, and will also be available from Juno Fibre Arts throughout the weekend. The Hat will be on the stand - please do come along and have a look at it; explore it's construction, and then by some yarn to make it!


There is an awful lot of buzz about Unwind this weekend, so why not follow Unwind or myself on Twitter to find out the minute Asymloche is published! You won't be disappointed, I promise :)

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