Among the patterns that I've felt are in need of much more love is Naturally Slouchy. You'd be forgiven for thinking the photos here are an entirely different Hat!



The original sample no longer lives with me, so to give it the attention it deserves, a new yarn was needed. The original pattern is written for something in the worsted range; this time I went with an aran weight - Langdale Superwash Aran from Eden Cottage Yarns.



The yarn is absolutely delicious to knit with, and I do love the depths of colour here. I'm not sure my photos do it justice... it's easy to saturate when shooting this time of year against this background (yes, yes, yes... my new favourite background), so I may go back and redo the editing. Methinks I'll be stocking up with more of this yarn, especially in this colour. So soft and drapey and stable!



As the yarn is different, the gauge is different, and that means a few adjustments are needed. And as I worked through the pattern, experience saw a few places for improvement (in particular, a method to make the transition between the Body and Crown easier for differences in row gauge) and so it's in the queue that'll be going for tech editing.

The thing is, is that the original name doesn't really suit the Hat any more. And y'all know that I'm a bit rubbish with naming Hats, yes?

So, wanna help a girl out and offer a suggestion of two? There'll be a copy of the pattern in it for you! I'll leave this open for a couple of weeks, as we've time, and don't forget to put your email address in the comment field so I can get in touch :)

What does the structure/design/pattern remind you of?

(please leave your suggestions here, not FB, Rav or Twitter.. this helps me keep track :) 

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