So, erm, it's been almost a month since I last blogged! There has been *loads* going on; lots of life stuff (my health, Aran's health), site stuff and work stuff. Time has flown, as it does.

Back at the beginning of the year myself and Asti of Juno Fibre Arts got talking about the possibilities of a collaboration for Unwind, a new fibre festival in Brighton this summer (4 weeks away!) that's looking like it'll set a whole new standard for events. And as we got talking, we realised we could do this - launch a new colourway of a new yarn with a brand new design.

And we've been busy :)



Asti has been an absolute star, and I've really enjoyed working with her. She's developed a whole new colourway based on my desires for the new Turning Heads collection, which has been most exciting. This is the first time I've developed a colour with a dyer and it's been both fascinating and overwhelming at the same time! Having settled on a colour, any surplus skeins from the trials have been put to good use, mostly in swatching.

And there has been an awful lot of swatching.



This design went back to the drawing board a few times. I've been indecisive about minor details, and perfectionist mode does like to kick in. After all that swatching, rather than use and reuse any more yarn, I switched to odd balls of yarn of the same weight I had around to knit the maquettes. Getting the form just right has been a priority; I wanted to design a Hat that could be worn in different ways, and that meant working a less common crown shaping. I wrote a guest blog post for Donna Druchanas about Hat design recently, and I'll expand on that soon over here, but it gives you an idea of my thoughts about Hat construction.



The pattern is with the tech editor this week; our photoshoot was last week and it's all coming along perfectly. I am super shuffed with the photos I've taken, and I also really pleased to have worked through some not so common techniques in not so regular constructions and still have my brain intact. It's a design I am so very pleased with, and it's certainly a Hat that'll get noticed.

There will be more about the design itself and it's construction nearer the time! I can tell you that the yarn is Buffy Pure DK, the new colourway is 'Campfire' and that the Hat is knit sideways and asymmetrically. And that both myself and Asti are really rather excited :D


If you're planning on coming along to Unwind, and haven't yet booked your place on my workshop, I'd get in there quick as it's almost sold out!

Besides Unwind, I'm teaching again at This is Knit in Dublin and the Sheep Shop in Cambridge this summer (and I believe they're mostly sold out, too!) and having made the decision this week to not do an autumn tour this year, these are the only chances to take a workshop with me until next year some time.

Unwind is going to be quite something. Dani is totally on the ball and has everything in place and I can't wait. It'll be a chance to see friends, touch yarn and meet plenty of Hatters! See you there?

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