... as to what's been on my needles recently, and as to what's prompted thoughts of a different route for grading, here's a few images for you.

I only finished the grafting about an hour ago. It's a wonderful hybrid of short rows, tucks, decreases and grafting. It's not been blocked yet... I'm not so sure it needs it; it stands up by itself, the stitches are firm and settled.




It's not that it's impossible to grade, but that it doesn't lend itself well to it. There are formulas in place but they change with throughout the Hat, as it bends smoothly and effortlessly around the shape of the head, and they in turn aren't necessarily related in terms of the numbers.




I'm really rather chuffed with my short rows. 

I love short rows. However in the round they're a heck of a lot trickier to get neat and even, as our gauge naturally changes between knit and purl stitches, especially for any loose knitters like myself. Having spent a bit of time experimenting, I've a few tricks that help even things up.




The yarn is Wollmeise DK, a very springy, multi-plied yarn. The Hat is knit at a very firm gauge to support the shape, yet it's still comfy and has enough stretch. It's also really rather warm!

The feedback on grading by gauge is unanimous, so that's that sorted! I know it's do-able, but I guess I wanted to hear from my regular knitters/customers whether they'd be happy with that. It will need extra explaining and naturally it'll all be made clear, but I am pleased to have the green light on that.

This Hat let's me feel like a Hat architect again. I love it when my engineering and creative sides work it out together like this.

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