Last year, on the same evening as the infamous 10-Hats-and-3-models-in-one-hour photoshoot for Hatopia, Silvia modelled a very special piece of knitwear for me.



'Il Fume' is a scarf designed and knitted by my very good friend BabyLongLegs - you can find the project Ravelled here and blogged here. It's a stunning design, and I feel very honoured to have had it made for me, for my birthday. I was more than a little blown away when I opened it and draped it around my neck for the first time, let me tell you!

I know BBL has reknit the scarf with the aim of releasing it as a pattern, and I don't doubt that she'll have everyone queuing for it. Isn't it beautiful? (please don't nag her all at once though, eh?)

And I reckon Silvia totally rocked it in this photoshoot!

(the stuffed toy rat you can see in there was to commemorate one of her pet rats that had died the night before. Someone's bound to ask if I don't mention it!)



Yesterday, after 7 years of living on the Yard, Silvia left for pastures and adventures new.

Leaving only with her camper, her dog and her rats, and the minimum of belongings, a life on the road awaits. Her reasons for leaving are numerous, except to say that it's time for a new chapter in life. And if I'm honest, I'm a little bit envious of her freedom. Travelling with your own bed always within reach, and living on the bare essentials, alone, isn't a life for everyone, but it's one I respect. 



Thank you, Silvia for always being willing to be the camera's subject, and for lending your distinctive style to my photographs. 

Safe travels, Silvia. May your adventures be many, and we hope to see you in the not too distant future, somewhere in northern Italy.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead