One-size-fits-all or one-size-fits-most patterns for Hats are common, but I guess other folks whose heads are larger or smaller than average share my pain when it comes to finding Hats that fit. Shop bought Hats are the worst, the mens section rarely has anything to my taste. And yes, a knitted fabric does stretch (within reason; dependant on the stitch pattern) but if it's over stretched it just looks pants. Admittedly now that I'm dreadless and have a lot less hair it's not quite the issue that it used to be (having shrunk from 25in/63.5cm to 23in/58.5cm) but still. I want a Hat that fits and looks like it's meant to fit and look, y'know?

Hence I do what I do; it stops that bee buzzing under my bonnet.

Now here's a thing: I've started work on the sculptural and structural Hats that I've been doodling and dreaming about for an age. The collection is called 'Turning Heads' and I am absolutely indulging every bit of creative whim and every need to calculate and engineer and it's making me very, very happy. It's slow going but who cares when it feels like you're touching base with yourself again?

Except that some of the ideas I'm wanting to pursue are going to be rather tricky to grade through no. of stitches and repeats. And it's making me feel a little compromised. Even though I don't expect many folk to make, let alone wear, many of these new Hats, I want to make it possible, and that includes making them knittable in more than one size.

(and I'm even thinking of adding a few notes here and there on how to tone the Hat(s) down and make them a little more everyday and wearable. But that's still a maybe)

So I got thinking... if I included a section on how to change the size of a Hat through gauge, would that be acceptable? Most of the Hats are knit with a firm fabric so I'll be including ball band gauge to give an idea of how the density affects the form, and similarly, notes on dealing with that will be included in the 'grading by gauge' section.**

Would that do the trick?

Would schematics help? Hats don't always need them but these might, given the nature of them. A schematic showing how the Hat should fit the average sized head would be rather useful too, methinks?

**grading by stitch repeats and structure is my preferred method, but quite often there will be rather subtle differences between the sizes, which is generally unavoidable. When looking at it from another perspective, grading by gauge is a good method as it's simply a matter of scaling up and scaling down, rather than juggling the structural maths...though of course it has it's limits. It's impossible to get the larger sizes and smaller sizes to look the same whichever way you go about it, and quite often you wouldn't want to anyway...

AuthorWoolly Wormhead