We tried a new background in our photoshoot yesterday, and we thought it worked rather well for this Hat. It's been a while since Bobble Beret had any love, even though it's a shape that suits just about everyone when they try it on. (and yes I know; knitted bobbles are like Marmite)

So here it is, looking enchanting on Alyx.

There's something about the stacks of objects in the background that work with the urchin nature of the Hat.



We're coming to the end of the photoshoot season here, although if I can get my models to hang around until about 8pm, we do sometimes manage to catch some good evening light. Or we could hope for a cloudy day, which has been known to happen from time to time. But otherwise it's harsh sunlight from now until late October. And I couldn't pay my models friends enough to have them up or out at the hours the summer sun would demand.

Between Charlie, Silvia and Alyx, we've managed to photograph most of the Hats I felt needed some extra attention, with the exception of a few, and for those few I'm still reknitting samples (ever the perfectionist). Those, I suspect, will be photographed over the summer when we're back in England for a longer period, and I have plans to find some willing models.

On the mens Hats front, Tom's decided to grow a beard, which takes all of a few days, and he has an ever so charming grey streak that creates the effect of smile across his chin, so he's booked for the camera in the next few days. Before he changes his mind.

I'm getting back on track with reformatting patterns this week, and having spent some time working with the fab new layout, I've been playing with ways to manage the photos. One issue that's been bugging me is those Hats that don't quite have 3 great shots for the pattern cover. Some have just one, and although three would be the ideal, if that one is sufficient to show the details of the Hat, then why not? Clare, it was very clever of you to devise a 3-photo layout based on a square.

One such Hat is Karenin:



Yes, it's only one photo. But you can see how it fits around the face, and around the ears and the neck, and you can even see how it fits at the crown. The chances of me getting such a good shot again are seriously slim, so working out an option with a single photo for impact has given this monday a sense of achievement. 

All the little achievements add up. Or so everyone says.

Anyhows, when the free patterns are ready to go into the new layout they'll likely only have one photo, too. And yes, even the free patterns are getting new photos were needed, especially those where I'd (very, very kindly) been given permission to borrow images, such as Bridget:



It does the creative soul good to see your old work through a fresh, sharper lens.

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