A new look for the Buttonette Hat. I'm only just sorting the photos; the new version of the pattern will be some time yet.

I am very happy with this shot. And I'm sharing it ahead of release as a little reminder to myself of something good that I've done of late. Thought it might be good practice to highlight achievements?

Has anyone else noticed that my photos have gradually been getting darker? One aspect of my photography that needed improving is how I deal with the harsh sunlight here; even in the middle of winter it can be tricky, and I'm getting ever more imaginative at hiding from the sun. Can't help but think there's something subconscious at play there....

I won't be rephotographing all of my Hats, not all of them need it... maybe about a third, or a quarter? But as I do need to resize them all for the new pattern layout (and eventual new website) I figured it'd be easy enough to get into the habit of watermarking the web res photos from the start... better to decide now than a few months down the line. It's not too intrusive, is it?


I know folk are concerned, and I appreciate your understanding :) If I post here as often as I can, even with just photos, then it'll help me refocus and settle back into my space, and at the same time let you all know that I'm still here. Days are very much up and down... I'm getting panic/anxiety attacks several times daily, yet there are little things trying to even up the balance, and I'm working on focusing on those.

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