A new pattern to be published next month is in need of a name!

Why not pop over to the RipplesCraft blog and leave a comment with your suggestion?

And while you're there, you may want to look at Helen's gorgeous yarns!



The astute may notice something familiar about this design. It's true, spirals occur frequently in my designs; I just can't seem to resist them. But it's not just the spiral feature; this design is an update of a Hat I created some years ago.

The rights to that design reverted back to me last year, and as it was originally created and written nearly 5 years ago, I was really keen to update it, to bring it up to scratch. After talking with Helen about the possibilities of working with her yarn, a parcel arrived and as soon as I set eyes on this yarn, in this colour, I knew it was the very yarn that would bring this design to the spotlight.

I even knew which buttons from my stash I wanted to use! These are a pair of vintage wooden buttons I purchased on eBay or Etsy years ago - they've found the perfect Hat, wouldn't you agree?


There will be more new and fresh designs in the not too distant future with RipplesCrafts yarns - I have a couple of skeins earmarked for projects, and one in particular will have a place in the new sculptural and structured collection I'm working on (slowly!) to be called 'Turning Heads'. There - I said it out loud! Yes, the next book will be called 'Turning Heads'. (I'm rather chuffed with that name, btw)

Please do go and visit Helen's blog and leave your naming suggestion there. I'm looking forward to hearing the winning name! Good luck :)

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