There's almost almost enough room in life to start working on a few of the designs that have been developing in the far reaches of my brain over the last few years. It feels a good place to be; time to indulge in this kind of experimentation is a luxury, indeed.

Today I started colour planning.  

It's a little scary to be making a commitment to the ideas in my head; there are *so* many structures and designs that I want to explore. So I'm taking it slowly.



Tom had to take Aran back to hospital this morning :(

He woke up with a sore throat and difficulty swallowing, and the doctors suspect Strep throat. Thankfully we've caught it early and with an 8-day course of antibiotics, he'll be back on the road to recovery soon enough. He's still not allowed back to school or to anywhere where the risk of infection is high - the slightest thing can knock him down and he can't really afford another Strep infection right now.

Thankfully the next few weeks will bring several adventures. Spring is around the corner, too :)

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