... we found ourselves being admitted to hospital again, after the strep throat went straight to Aran's kidneys. Thankfully this time it was a short stay, and once the doctors were happy with the blood test results they discharged us to continue monitoring kidney activity at home. We know the signs now, and after only a few days we were back on the road to recovery. My estimate is that we're at roughly the same point, kidney damage/recovery wise, as we were when we were discharged last time, but his immune system is now much stronger.

We don't know what this set back means for the long term; we were originally warned that there was a chance of permanent kidney damage, but we're trying to focus on doing all the right things rather than worry. Which is easier said than done.

Aran is perky and has energy, and we're optimistic. Charlie is here this week, shooting the first footage for her short documentary, and that's made our boy very happy.




Wednesday we received our legal notifications that the demolition order that's been hanging over Mutonia for 8 months now has now been revoked!

We've been working towards a special planning order with the council and a team of experts, and cancelling the demolition order was on the horizon, but there's been a heck of a lot of hiccups along the way, as you'd expect with any lengthy legal battle, and I wasn't prepared to believe it was going to happen until it was in our hands. There is still an awful lot of work to be done here to ensure we meet the new standards; the next few months will be rather busy, and it looks like spring has come early to help us with all the tidying and moving and planting.

An update has been sent out to everyone who purchased Hatopia, and so many wonderful emails have come in to congratulate us. I can't thank everyone enough for their support  - it's very personal thing for me that both my communities have been connected in this way; that I've been able to help my lifestyle community with the deep support from my knitterly one. It's a pretty incredible :)

My plan is to try and capture all the changes on the camera, at least for our plot, so you can see how you've helped us, and where we go from here.




Besides the Mystery KAL (which almost didn't happen!), I haven't published a new pattern since the release of Playful Woolly Toppers last year. There's simply been no headspace; even the simplest of crown shapings or the easiest of pattern writing proved challenging and the less able to I felt to work, the more stressed I got, and so the cycle was set in motion.

This week has seen me beat that hurdle, and Kernmantle has been published!



I'm very happy with this design, but I'm especially happy with the photo. Whilst I can't say that my mojo is back, it's certainly hinting that all is not lost, and that if I take my time, I'll be back to my usual self in due course.

Kernmantle makes clever use of combining cast on methods, something I've used before in patterns like Bubbles and Bellefleur. This time I experimented a little more, and found a better way of working the numbers that resulted in an even smoother edge, and I'm pretty chuffed with myself for that, especially given my lack of problem solving skills of late! In due course the other patterns will probably be updated, but for now, if you want to give this a go Kernmantle does it all for you, and it's a real pleasure to see that cable grow up from the cast on edge, mixed in with the ribbed Brim, without a hiccup.




I kinda feel like I'm still waiting for normal to happen... you'd think that the sense of relief that this week has bought would kick start a burst of energy or an outpouring of some kind... but I guess a spring that's been over stretched for too long doesn't bounce right back into it's former shape once it's released, eh?

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