Something I have to do this week is choose a photo for a full page advert that sums up 'Woolly Wormhead'. Can I ask for your help with this? 

Below are my favourite photos, and all of these have enough pixels to make a full page ad. I just don't know which should be the main one, and which ones should be thumbnails, or not even if there should be thumbnails at all.... being objective is hard!


a) Tangled River


b) Lenina


c) Everglade


d) Karenin


e) Taboosh


f) Beelore


g) Camden Cap


h) Ruislip


or i) Kernmantle (which will be released in the coming weeks!)




To recap: I have to pick one photo. It has to be a good photo, and it has to have plenty of pixels. The photo has to sum up my style, my design ethos, my use of technique, my interest in structure and preferably my environment (many of these were shot on the Yard; the rest shot locally) as that is a big part of who I am and what I do, too.

Tough call, huh?

Please leave a comment here on this post; it's tricky to track comments on Twitter or Facebook - keeping it all here makes things much easier :)

Thank you for helping me out and sharing your thoughts! :)

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