Xmas has come early for me this year!

You'll not be surprised to hear that I spent *months* looking online to find just the right pendant. Most ammonites come up a little too small for my liking, yet most of the larger ones I found lacked in the detail and colour department. Then I found this kiddy from this Etsy seller. I didn't buy immediately; a good few weeks were spent pondering, drawing to scale in my notebook, thinking about which way up it should hang (ok, it's no news that I'm a fussy shopper, right?) and eventually emailed to ask if they could remount it for me.



And it was ready earlier than expected! When I first opened it in my trailer I was a tad disappointed, but I should have realised that this beauty needs good light, and the light in my trailer is dull. Take it outside into the natural light and it gets to shine.



I love the way it reflects it's surroundings, as the colours adapt to the light. There really is rather a lot of detail in there, eh?



It's a Madagascan ammonite, and they are known for their beauty (or so I read). It measures 57mm/2.25in in depth, a pretty decent size, and wears perfectly. The mount is sterling silver. The heavy gauge sterling silver snake chain is 16in/40cm and was found earlier in the year, ready to hang just the right piece. They're a good match.




There won't be any other delights at xmas for me. And I'm totally OK with that - who wouldn't be when you have this! 

I haven't taken it off yet :D

AuthorWoolly Wormhead