Indeedy, it's that time of year again.



This year the sale runs across not just this website and Ravelry, but also on Etsy too! The same code hello2014 can be used in all three stores, and applies to all digital patterns and eBooks, and in the case of Ravely/website, also applies to the few remaining copies of the CWT print+digital combo.

If you purchase through Etsy, would you mind leaving feedback? My shop there is pretty new and the review system lets other folk know that the patterns can be trusted. Ta! Or is the not-the-done thing to say that? I still haven't figured out how Etsy works, it's a bit of an unknown, really...

Coupon is valid until 29th January, and all sale purchases will be helping me to pay some big bills that are due. Any help in spreading the word will be muchly appreciated - thank you for all your support!

Tackling my inbox is the main task for today, and I hope to get onto some pattern writing this week. Am kinda feeling bogged down by some of the admin, but that's understandable, given that I'm still playing catch up after the festive and hospital period. I've some ideas bouncing around my head that I'd really like to play with but I daren't touch them until I'm all up to date on the current stuff ;)

Aran is well enough to be bored, but he's not ready to go back to school yet. He's certainly a lot better and is mighty happy to be allowed to eat chocolate and bananas again.

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