Another thing I've not been doing is taking my camera out with me. The inspiration hasn't been there; it feels like too much work. The majority of the photos we took in Portugal were taken on our phones, because I didn't want to carry the camera around; the motivation simply wasn't there.

So saturday morning, knowing that I had to at least try, I made a deal with Aran to get up and get out early.





Getting decent shots meant I could republish Forest Imp!

We did well for our 10 minute photoshoot on a saturday morning. That's all it took, and it's restored a little confidence. I especially like this last photo - it's such a great shot of a happy boy. Aran too has been feeling the stress lately, even though he doesn't really understand it all. It cheers me to see him smile.

Forest Imp now has it's own webpage, and the PDF can be purchased right away. A newsletter will be going out shortly containing something extra for subscribers.

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