While we've been on the road, a pattern of mine has been published with Simply Knitting this month!


© Future Publishing Limited

The Hat has been published as 'The Great Adventure Hat' in the magazine, and to avoid any confusion I'll explain that I named it 'Pinion' (and that's how it'll be republished), so it really does have two names!

This is a great Hat for trying out beginner colourwork techniques, especially as there's no shaping once you're into the two colour section to deal with. The earflaps are worked first, making it a bottom up design.


© Future Publishing Limited


Four sizes are included, from 14in (newborn) through to 19" (child/small adult), and is very easy to resize, too. The blanket stitch trim adds a bit of detail, but also helps neaten those edges. It's a warm, fun and practical Hat. It stays on and does the job and looks pretty good too.


We managed a few quick shots before sending the sample off - these were taken quickly before Aran went off to nursery (which will explain the lower winter light and the not so cheerful expression.. it's a wonder he cooperated, really). A proper photoshoot will be in order before it gets republished, methinks.



I've only just turned on my laptop this morning for the first time since arriving back at the bus, and there's a lot to catch up on. There's a few folk waiting for emails - please know that I will be getting all my replies out in the next few days! It's as busy on site now as it was back in July; I know many of you are wondering how things are, and we'll know much more after our appeal date (26th September).

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