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Oh wait, you mean there's something extra, too?



Hatopia is a limited edition eBook containing 10 previously published Hat patterns, all selected by the people involved in the project. All of the patterns have all been revamped and rephotographed especially for this collection. And that's a lot easier said than done - it's amazing how different a group of patterns spanning 7 years can be - and it's taken a fair amount of work to get to this point and get them all cohesive. Huge, huge thanks to both Liz and Heather for their help and support.

As you would expect, illustrated tutorials are included to help you work through all of the patterns, and there are many photos from around site, too, to give you an insight into the place we call 'home'. The photoshoot was held on site, photographed within a giant installation that has been a prominent feature on the Yard (known to the outside world as 'Mutonia') for many years. The models are all residents of, or friends to, the Yard; this has been very much a group project. I'd like to thank Silvia, Roberta and Sara for being such stars in front of the camera for Hatopia, and Mandy for tentatively letting me point the camera at her for Runway.

Alongside the eBook is Runway, which was first published in Knit Now magazine last autumn. It's part of the Hatopia eBook, or it can be purchased as a single pattern, giving you more ways to help :)

Hatopia will only be in PDF format; it won't make it into print. And as it's a Limited Edition, it won't be around forever, so this is your chance to own a unique piece of publishing! Runway is currently only available in PDF format too, however it will be available in print/wholesale once the fundraiser is complete, hopefully around September time.



Both Hatopia (eBook) and Runway (single pattern) can be purchased right here on this website AND on Ravelry. If you'd like to donate further then why not buy these as gifts for your knitterly friends? Maybe organise a knit-a-long for one of the patterns? Hatopia includes extra info all about our cause, a bit about the history and some useful links - all you need to help get word out and let folk know about our plight.

There are other ways you can help, too. On the Hatopia page I've included some press packs that can be downloaded to help spread awareness. You can Tweet or post on Facebook or on the Ravelry forums or on your own blog - every ounce of help will be greatly appreciated.

We have a heck of a lot of money to raise to pay for the appeal - currently estimated around the €20k/€25k mark. That's not the sort of spare change many people have, and we are all working hard to fundraise in our own ways. To date, we're between a third and half way. The amazing amount everyone helped raise last October went towards our ongoing legal fees, and this is my latest offering for the cause :)


For each purchase of Hatopia, £7 will go into our fund.

For each purchase of Runway, £2 will go into our fund.



I know lots of folk have been following along with our story, but incase you've missed some news or are wondering how this has all happened, here's our official statement:

The Mutoid Waste Company arrived in Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy in 1990 to perform in that year's "Festival Dei Teatri", a renowned annual festival held in the town. From that time on Santarcangelo became a base for the group and it became their home. Their art, their way of life and they themselves became an accepted part of life in Santarcangelo. Over the last 23 years they have increasingly collaborated on projects with local institutions such as schools, and their ties with the local community have strengthened. In recent years some of the Mutoids have chosen the Yard as a safe place to raise their own children.

The Yard is unique: a place that follows the rules whilst living completely outside them, a place that advocates an alternative outlook on life, a place that allows people to discover new things - and it's wonderful that such a place is considered a true part of Santarcangelo and that the locals readily accept the Yard as part of their community.

Despite these many years of mutually respectful cohabitation there is one voice that has continually spoken against the Mutoids presence; a single objector who now seriously threatens this culturally important phenomenon.

Mutonia is not a campsite (even though its inhabitants live in caravans, buses, trucks and temporary constructions that look more like works of art than houses); it's not a standard travellers site (although many of its inhabitants have a semi-nomadic lifestyle); and the group have never illegally occupied the land.

In recent years Santarcangelo's local council has been searching for a solution to the situation, seeking help from other government bodies, with the ultimate aim of declaring the Mutoid Yard as a Site of Cultural Interest.

Unfortunately the Yard currently finds itself under a very real and serious threat of eviction - a reality which would not only destroy this unique community but also disperse its inhabitants and their artwork. 


In short, we're fighting to save our unique, creative home. All of us. An entire community that's been built out of a want to live the way we choose, peacefully and together, is at risk of being demolished and lost forever. It's ludicrous that it should have come this far, but it has. And the only choice we have is to stay and fight for what we believe in. 

Getting the appeal is critical, least of all because it buys us time. Beyond that we don't know what the future holds, but we are working closely with the officials, and the local support has been absolutely incredible. This is an immensely worthwhile cause; and it's not just about saving our home.

Hatopia will be available until the end of August, as our first financial deadline is in September. At that point we'll review the situation. Meanwhile, I'll keep you posted as to how well we're doing!

Thank you for all your help!


ETA/ rather than write additional blog posts, I figured it would be easier to keep all links & info together in one place. So watch this space as I add details on new promotions and fundraiser deals!

is offering a donation of £4 for every skein of Semi~Precious yarn sold. She's even talking about a limited edition colourway! Arkanoid, in Hatopia, uses her gorgeous yarn. More details here.

is offering a donation of £1 for every ball of Lanaloft Sport sold through her shop. She's using the Lanaloft to knit her very own Limpetiole (also in Hatopia). More details here.

The Knitting Goddess
is offering a donation of £5 for every skein of their 4ply Alpaca, Silk & Cashmere yarn, which is the recommended yarn for Runway, and this offer is open until the end of August (it's delicious!). On top of that, they'll donate £1 for every ball or skein purchased through them before 12th August. More details here.

Coloured In Caithness
is offering a donation of £2 for every skein purchased through her Etsy shop - simply quote Hatopia at the checkout to qualify your purchase for a donation! Find her Etsy shop here.

Annabelle Lee Knits
is offering to donate 50% of the proceeds from each of her single patterns sold from 16th to 25th August (eastern time)! You can see her single patterns on Ravelry

Patricia Martin
is offering to donate 50% of the proceeds from each of her single patterns until the end of August! You can see her single patterns on Ravelry

K B Designs
is offering to donate £1 for each new release pattern sold, which includes the Winterberry Hat & Cowl set and the Twisted Cable Cowl, until the end of August. More details can be found on her blog here.

a fashion and t-shirt printing company local to Mutonia in Italy is offering Limited Edition 'Save Mutonia' t-shirts, and for each item sold, €5 will be donated to our legal fund. Their page does have an English translation (and your browser can help with this, too) and they ship worldwide. More details here


Many of you have asked for a way to make a donation, besides buying the eBook - I'd rather give you something in return for your money than not, but I also appreciate that many folk want to help further by donating, so here's a button :) All donations go through Tom's account. 


Pattern totals (from this website + Ravelry):

  • 7th Aug 4.35pm GMT+1: 17 copies of Hatopia & 0 copies of Runway sold, totalling £119
  • 8th Aug 6.41am GMT+1: 77 copies of Hatopia & 3 copies of Runway sold, totalling £545!
  • 8th Aug 7.22pm GMT+1: 142 copies of Hatopia & 5 copies of Runway sold, totalling £1004! 
  • 9th Aug 8.45am GMT+1: 174 copies of Hatopia & 6 copies of Runway sold, totalling £1230!
  • 9th Aug 7.01pm GMT+1: 199 copies of Hatopia & 14 copies of Runway sold, totalling £1417!
  • 10th Aug 7.21am GMT+1: 217 copies of Hatopia & 16 copies of Runway sold, totalling £1551!
  • 10th Aug 7.05pm GMT+1: 246 copies of Hatopia & 17 copies of Runway sold, totalling £1756!
  • 11th Aug 8.30pm GMT+1: 260 copies of Hatopia & 28 copies of Runway sold, totalling £1876!
  • 12th Aug 7.36pm GMT+1: 271 copies of Hatopia & 32 copies of Runway sold, totalling £1961!
  • 14th Aug 5.36pm GMT+1: 288 copies of Hatopia & 40 copies of Runway sold, totalling £2096!
  • 16th Aug 2.42pm GMT+1: 312 copies of Hatopia & 51 copies of Runway sold, totalling £2286! 
  • 17th Aug 9.57am GMT+1: 324 copies of Hatopia & 51 copies of Runway sold, totalling £2370! 
  • 19th Aug 11.55am GMT+1: 340 copies of Hatopia & 56 copies of Runway sold, totalling £2492! 
  • 21st Aug 3.35pm GMT+1: 361 copies of Hatopia & 59 copies of Runway sold, totalling £2645! 
  • 24th Aug 9.24am GMT+1: 398 copies of Hatopia & 60 copies of Runway sold, totalling £2906! 
  • 28th Aug 6.42am GMT+1: 446 copies of Hatopia & 62 copies of Runway sold, totalling £3266! 
  • 1st Sept 4.15pm GMT+1: 491 copies of Hatopia & 66 copies of Runway sold, totalling £3569! 

Donation totals (from yarnie promotions & the donation button above):

  • 9th Aug 8.45am GMT+1: £130 and €90 recieved in donations!
  • 9th Aug 7.01pm GMT+1: £150 and €90 recieved in donations!
  • 10th Aug 7.21am GMT+1: £170 and €90 recieved in donations!
  • 10th Aug 7.05pm GMT+1: £242 and €90 recieved in donations!
  • 11th Aug 8.30pm GMT+1: £342 and €90 recieved in donations!
  • 12th Aug 7.36pm GMT+1: £342 and €90 recieved in donations!
  • 14th Aug 5.36pm GMT+1: £404 and €90 recieved in donations!
  • 17th Aug 9.57am GMT+1: £406 and €90 recieved in donations!
  • 19th Aug 11.55am GMT+1: £496 and €90 recieved in donations!
  • 21st Aug 3.35pm GMT+1: £516 and €90 recieved in donations!
  • 24th Aug 9.24am GMT+1: £516 and €90 recieved in donations!
  • 28th Aug 6.42am GMT+1: £523 and €90 recieved in donations!
  • 1st Sept 4.15pm GMT+1: £706 and €90 recieved in donations!

Combined totals (ongoing):

  • 9th Aug 8.45am GMT+1: £1230£130 €90 = £1437 (€1667)!
  • 9th Aug 7.01pm GMT+1: £1417 + £150 €90 = £1644 (€1907)!
  • 10th Aug 7.21am GMT+1: £1551 + £170 €90 = £1798 (€2086)!
  • 10th Aug 7.05pm GMT+1: £1756 + £242 €90 = £2075 (€2407)!! Wow!
  • 11th Aug 8.30pm GMT+1: £1876 + £342 €90 = £2295 (€2662)!
  • 12th Aug 7.36pm GMT+1: £1961 + £342 €90 = £2380 (€2760)! On our way to the €3K mark!
  • 14th Aug 5.36pm GMT+1: £2096 + £404 €90 = £2577 (€2989)! We've achieved so much in the first week, thank you! 
  • 16th Aug 2.42pm GMT+1: £2286 + £404 €90 = £2767 (€3209)! 
  • 17th Aug 9.57am GMT+1: £2370 + £406 €90 = £2853 (€3309)! 
  • 19th Aug 11.55am GMT+1: £2492 + £496 €90 = £3065 (€3555)! On our way to the €4K mark!
  • 21st Aug 3.35pm GMT+1: £2645 + £516 €90 = £3238 (€3756)! What a fantastic achievement at the 2 week point, thank you!
  • 24th Aug 9.24am GMT+1: £2906 + £516 €90 = £3499 (€4058)! We've past the €4K mark! Yey!
  • 28th Aug 6.42am GMT+1: £3266 + £523 €90 = £3866 (€4484)! We've past the €4K mark! Yey!
  • 1st Sept 4.15pm GMT+1: £3569 + £706 €90 = £4352 (€5048)! 

(currency calculations are based on an average rate of £1 = €1.16)

1st September

The fundraising for our appeal is now closed, and we've raised an amazing £4352, equivalent to €5048 or $6528! This is such an achievement, and I can't thank everyone for their help enough. Special thanks go to woolly friends Babylonglegs, Magpielly, Patricia Martin, The Knitting Goddess, K B designs, Coloured in Caithness and Annabelle Lee Knits for their generous promotions.

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