It feels a little strange, yet familiar and reassuring, to be working on Playful Woolly Toppers again! The Hatopia madness has been, well, madness, all in a good way, but it has been distracting too. The last few weeks have left me in a bit of a daze, if I'm honest.

All of the final edits for PWT are in, and this last round had hardly any corrections, just a few minor things, leaving us pretty much home and dry. I've still a few photos to tweak to match colour and light, and possibly change the order of a few shots, but that's really not a great deal of work. The plan is to have the book finished by the end of this week, which is more than do-able. 

The 9th pattern to be released from the collection is Golem, and this has gone out to eBook pre-purchasers this morning:



This is a fun little stranded Hat! The characters that decorate the body are robot-like, and the name of the Hat comes from the Jewish folklore legend, the Golem, which are big and strong, and rather square in form. They could be robots if you prefer, too.



The stranded pattern is fully charted, and the instructions for each of the 5 sizes are fully written out, ensuring that each size has a complete row of characters all the way round, with no chopped-off feet or heads.

The addition of the stripes not only adds extra detail, but also helps with the grading of the pattern, and adds to that distinctive crown. It's no way near as tricky as it looks; instead, with the use of the crochet bind-off method, the crown is very straightforward.



The pattern is written for Brownsheep's Lanaloft Sports, which is available from Magpielly in the UK. I love the huge colour range with Brownsheep yarns, and Magpielly will do a custom order for you. Alternatively, for a decent sub go with a light DK or any other sportsweight yarn of the woolly variety.

The pattern is in the new template, although at this point it doesn't have the illustrated tutorials for the Alternate Cable cast-on and Crochet bind-off - they are still linked within the pattern, though. There's still a few changes to come with the new layout and the patterns will all be updated with the tutorials once they're all ready.

Golem is available as a single pattern for £3.00, or as part of the Playful Woolly Toppers collection which is currently at £7.50 for all 10 patterns, due to increase to £9 with the final eBook release (i.e. later this week - grab it now if you want a bargain!)


ps/ nope.. that's not Aran modelling! That's a great wee guy named Urban, who was very patient with the camera. Thanks Urban :)

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