The 8th Playful Woolly Toppers design has been published today... meet Labyrinth


(yeah, that's Aran looking super cute)


Labyrinth is no ordinary striped beanie. The stripes are created with short rows, resulting in off centre stripes which are based on nested circles.



The pattern itself is deceptively simple. The only tricky factor is the short rows; they are stacked, in that they appear at the same place in each stripe, which does make them more noticeable so you will want to use a short row method that gives you the neatest result. I wouldn't rely on the old adage that short rows in garter stitch are invisible; they're not, and it might be worthwhile experimenting to see what works best for you. 



This shot shows a clearer view of the circles disappearing into the centre, and that point is not at the crown, as you'd expect in a regular striped beanie. We modelled this Hat with the wider part of the stripes at the front, yet it would look pretty interesting worn the other way around, to really emphasis it's structure.



And here's a quick shot of the Hat laid flat to give you another perspective on those stripes and the off centre crown.

I blocked my samples over a plastic ball to help the shaping settle; a balloon would do just as well. The maths of the Hat does work to give you the right shape yet a gentle blocking will help everything settle down and smooth out - there's quite a bit of shaping going on at the crown.

Labyrinth has been published in the new template, and currently costs £2.50. The plan in the near future is to include all the necessary tutorials, illustrated, in each pattern, and at that point the price will rise to £3. A link to all my PDF tutorials is still included, fear not :)

There's only 2 more PWT patterns to come!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead