As promised, here are the photos for the last 5 Hats...


Ribba Cap



Rubbish Mojitos



(the rights for this one have reverted back; it's with the tech editors now)








What I love about these shots is not only that each of the 3 models has a different face shape and hairstyle, but also that their personailities on camera are so distinct and different. They're absolute stars, each of them.

There we have the 10 Hats with their main photos. I'm working on any extra detail shots today, and I hope to have the eBook ready for the editors this afternoon. It's looking good, if I may say so myself! I'm including information about our cause, a bit about the history and more, for context.

And Rosie, thank you - 'Hatopia' is perfect. The official name of the Yard, 'Mutonia', has the same roots; very fitting.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead