Today sees me madly working away on the fundraiser eBook, and I've gotten all of the photos edited... wanna see some?
















You'll all be familiar with Silvia, though you may never have seen her like this before! And you'll have met Roberta through Classic Woolly Toppers, and she's always great to work with, a total pro. Sara, in the end photo, you won't have met before.. and infact, that was her first visit to the Yard! Chucked right in at the deep end ;)

This shoot was the most fun we'd ever had with the camera.. we shot the whole book in an hour and a half on a hot June evening (in Italy), which is some going. The girls were given free rein with make-up and styling (beyond wearing something black) and each chose the Hats they wanted to wear from a big bag of samples. It's been very much a group project. And we did laugh. Maybe I'll get permission to share some of the goofy shots..

Looking over all the photos today, finishing up the editing, I think we did bloody well to get such great shots in such a quick and impromptu shoot. It makes me happy to see them.

I'll share some of the other photos tomorrow, of the other 5 Hats. 

It's kinda crazy trying to finish up a layout in a couple of days, and if it hadn't have been for the new layout that Clare developed for me then it wouldn't have been possible, so I'm doubly grateful. It does help having done this a few times now, too, and having all the tutorials done and ready to plug in...

.. there's one thing causing a block, mind. And that's a name for the collection. I don't want to include Mutoid in the title, as not everyone who lives on the Yard is a Mutoid yet that's how the site is best known. Everyone is a creative of some kind, an alternative liver and thinker, and I think something along those lines would better reflect what this is all about, but for the life of me can't think of anything. Something not woolly toppers, that much I know at least.

Onwards into the madness I go... oh, and I may be looking for a tech editor who can turn this around at short notice.. it'll be a paid gig, so if anyone is free in the next week please speak up!

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