I've had to give some thought to the timing of the final release of Playful Woolly Toppers, and for a number of reasons, have put the final publication date back by a few weeks, to August.

Due to all the wonderful craziness that is life right now, I've not had the time or headspace to work through the final tech edits and tweak the last of the photos; I'm only just starting on the last round technical edits today, even though they came in while I was at TNNA. This is very not like me - once I'm in book mode you'd not get me to stop until it's done. And once out of book mode, it takes a while to get back into it. And rightly so; you wouldn't want me dabbling here and there or trying to rush; it'd show in the final book. This book and you, the knitter, deserve a dedicated finale from me, and to achieve that, I'm going to need a little longer.

This isn't the greatest news on my part, as getting this book published brings in much needed cash during the quiet season. But that leads onto my other reason for delaying the release by a short while...

... thinking on the financial side... come September, everyone on site is going to have to start handing over a lot of money to pay for our appeal. An awful lot. And that makes the fundraiser quite critical now. If I try and work on both, it's likely that PWT will get lost in all the fuss, and that would be all kinds of wrong. Much as we need to keep the personal pennies rolling, the group fund needs it more urgently. Once the fundraiser is underway, I can dedicate my time to Playful Woolly Toppers and not feel like I'm cheating it.

There are still 4 single patterns from the book to be released through the pre-order, and the pre-order will continue! The remaining patterns will still be released at 3-4 weekly intervals, and the complete eBook will be delivered before the final patterns are due. On the upside it also means that the pre-order will remain at a lower price for a bit longer, too.

This hasn't been an easy decision to make. I've been trying to juggle everything in my head, to find a way to make it all happen smoothly, and I think this is the fairest way in the long run. Yes, the final book will be delayed by a few weeks, but you'll get a book with less errors, that feels more complete, and I think it will be worth it.

I hope you can appreciate my honesty, and thank you for your understanding and continued support :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead