I'm barely back from TNNA and already so many things are happening on the home front to help save our site! 

A quick round up:

Pro Mutoid is a Facebook page that's been set up by members of the local community, and already it's received an incredible amount of support - 10,000+ 'likes' and counting. The local papers have all reported how well the support is building, and it's amazing to see all of this happening. This is now the main page to check online in relation to the issues we face. It doesn't matter if you don't speak Italian - there's lots of ways to translate the page, and we're aiming on getting the official statement translated into English and live within a few days. The page was only started a few days ago and we've had to get with it and get onboard pretty sharpish!

An online petition at Change.Org has also been set up - the exact same petition will also be doing the rounds in print form through the local community and at the theatre/film festival in town in the coming weeks. Again, any support will be greatly appreciated.

A lot of folk have been asking if they can help by donating - we are all planning various fundraiser activities but the rush of online activity has come right up from behind and caught us out a bit, and we're not quite ready! In the meantime we've set up a way to collect donations for those who wish to contribute, and all donations will go through Tom's account.

My own fundraiser plans: I photograph a *lot* of my Hats on site, and a retrospective collection has been on the back burner for a while now. This is the perfect time to bring this together, and later this summer I'll be publishing a 10 Hat collection of some of my most popular patterns, all of which have been designed and/or photographed within this environment. The layout needs finishing and the whole lot will need tech editing again, and I'm hoping it will be ready in August. The legal and lawyer fees are ongoing, and they're not cheap, and so we're wanting to keep the fundraising rolling for a few months.

And on the woolly front, a blog post will follow about TNNA, I promise! The jetlag is still wearing off and I've a whole bunch of things I need to do for Playful Woolly Toppers... the next few weeks are going to be more than a little bit bonkers.

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