I'm now on my way to the US for TNNA summer show, and despite all the extra stress and mayhem, the 6th Playful Woolly Toppers design has gone live!



This is Mercury. I'm afraid I didn't quite win my battle with time before I left and haven't got the webpage for this one finished, but it is live on Ravelry and is now part of the PWT eBook pre-order, as well as available as a single pattern.



The design uses stranded colourwork techniques to create the vertical stripes. The brim is started with a provisional cast-on and is worked in both colours. The joining round requires a little care, and after that, the stranded pattern is plain sailing. Also included is a choice of crown options - 3 or 4 point versions.

4 sizes are included in the pattern, ranging from 16in/40.75cm to 23in/58.5cm. The recommended yarn is Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport, which knits comfortably at a 4ply/fingering gauge, creating a cosy as well as striking Hat. The other great thing about this yarn is that it comes in the most amazing range of colours, and if you're in the UK, try Magpielly for custom orders - she can get any colour to you.

I do hope you like the new design!


Now that I'm on my way to TNNA the email auto-reply is on and I'll be out of email reach for most of the week. There'll be wifi in the hotel room but by the end of the day I'll be bushed and doubt I'll do myself any favours trying to answer emails then. If you've any queries that can't wait then you could try posting in the Ravelry group.


And thanks for all your support on my last post :) Things are settling down in my head and being away from home for a bit will help with that.. besides, TNNA is so all consuming that there's little space to think about anything else. Once I'm back and the jetlag has passed, I'll get my brain in gear about fundraisers. Not just to help raise money (which we do need!) but also 'cos focusing on something useful and productive is how I'll survive this whole mess.  We'll try our best not to let bureaucracy win, and I'll be damned sure not to let the black dog.

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