Today folk on site received eviction notices. Technically they're demolition orders but when the order states 100% demolition and the expectation is to return the land to it's original state of 23 years ago, it's the same thing.

This is a public notice, and so we're free to talk about it. There are still many things about this whole process that we can't discuss, which in turn means some questions may go unanswered for the time being.

But I can say this: we will be appealing! We have a good lawyer, and he's confident we have a solid case. We get a reasonable period of time within which to appeal, and we're not sure yet how much the appeal will cost us. It's more a procedural eviction, in the sense that the police and bulldozers won't be turning up unannounced. It's the next level of the bureaucratic game that's been started by someone with a deep hate for us (or how we life, as we're not sure why they've spent so many years & a small fortune trying to get rid of this place) and who has even deeper pockets, deep enough to keep paying lawyers to dig up dirt and find legal loopholes. The fact is is that whatever the legal game, and whatever the lawyer thinks, this notice has been sent; it exists, and we're sick to the pit of our stomachs that it's got this far.

The dust is still settling here, we've a lot to think about. It's been a bit of an unwelcome reality check.

I've been wanting to share with you some of the stills from the documentary that the film-makers have been working on, and now seems as good a time as any. All of these images are copyrighted to ZimmerFrei.










There are lots more photos on ZimmerFrei's Facebook album. The documentary they've made about us and this site previews during the film and theatre festival in Santarcangelo Di Romagna in July.

I've a few fundraiser ideas going round my head, though I can't really think about them until I'm back from TNNA and Playful Woolly Toppers has been published. You can be sure though that I'll try and do something, and I'll plead for help with spreading the word. This situation is so wrong on so many levels that the only option is to take a stand.

I leave early tuesday morning for my flight to the US.. right now I've no idea how I'll get through TNNA, seeing as I feel so angry with the world and am wanting to cry every 5 minutes. But I also think being away from here and spending time with woolly friends will be a decent tonic. 

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