Before we get started talking about the latest Playful Woolly Toppers pattern to be released, I want to say thank you to everyone who left a name suggestion on my last blog post!

The suggestions were good, *really* good - well thought through ideas - and reading those made me very happy, in that way that realising that folk *get it* does. In the end, the one name that spoke to me most was 'Labyrinth'. Yup, it's a big word with a lot of meaning, yet this Hat lives up to it. It might not look like a true labyrinth but it's construction, with all those short rows, very much follows the path. 

There'll be another Hat in need of a name over the weekend so do look out for that! The next one will be a smidge more challenging ;)


Purchasers of the Playful Woolly Toppers eBook pre-release would have received a notification this week that the 4th pattern from the collection, Elfdans, was now available.



This is the first PWT pattern that I've photographed on a grown-up, so it does look a little strange alongside all the shots of Aran! Once we've finished the shoots, there'll be more of Silvia modelling as well as some of Aran's girlfriends.

The offset circles in Elfdans are, well, one of my favourite stranded designs just because they're circles. The way they interact with each other makes me smile, and the design lends itself to a whole range of colour combinations.

An offset pattern like this can create a sticky issue or two when working in the round, whereby you get a jog similar to that found with stripes. This pattern uses a clever little trick that allows the pattern to work without interruption.. it's a little unusual, and one of my test knitters didn't question it (which is fine, that's their job!) as she hadn't seen it before and was used to things being worked a little differently. The trick works a treat if followed as directed, creating a perfectly seamless - and jogless - finish.



I'm very fond of the way the 'ears' on this Hat work with the stranding - I felt it better to go with a hassle free shape to the crown, one that works for all sizes and age range, rather than try and work out something more formal. This book isn't really about being formal.

There are 4 sizes included, and both types of circles are charted (they reflect each other throughout the pattern). At the moment, the ePattern costs £2.50; after TNNA, and after the book is published, that price will go to £3. At the moment it doesn't include illustrated tutorials for the techniques involved (provisional cast-on, joining of live sts & stranded knitting) and instead includes links to the tutorials I have available on this website; the plan is to include all of these techniques, to make it more self-sufficient, and those extra pages will take it up to the £3 range*.

So far I've made 3 of these Hats, with a 4th in progress, and I'm looking forward to sharing more photos from the coming shoots! It's a lovely, rhythmic pattern and it's a great introduction to stranded knitting.


* my patterns are priced according to how many pages are included - cover+one page = £2.50/$5; any more pages (up to cover+3) is £3/$6. This is mostly based on print wholesale, as more pages equals a higher print cost, although it also works reasonably well as a reflection of complexity and/or content (i.e. tutorials, additional design options etc).

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