This is the last Playful Woolly Toppers Hat in need of a name!



Remembering that our naming theme is mythology/folklore/other-worldly type things, how does this pinstripe architectural Hat fit?



I really am stumped with this one.. I really can't think of a suitable name that describes the Hat AND fits with the naming theme.. and so dear friends, there's a competition for this one too. What does it say to you? The Hat comes with options for a 3-peak or 4-peak finish at the crown, and the vertical stripes are created through stranded knitting. The recommended yarn is Brown Sheep Naturespun Sport, which comes in the most amazing array of colours, and creates a wonderfuly warm and soft fabric.

As with our previous naming competitions, there's a copy of the Playful Woolly Toppers eBook on offer, or if you already have it, you can pick another of my eBooks or a selection of single patterns to the same value.

I'll leave this one open until the end of this week. Currently, the last naming competition is still open too, and I'll extend that to the end of the week too, so I can go through them together.

Fire away!

PS/ please leave your suggestion here, on this blog post, as this helps muchly with keeping track of comments. Thank you :)

ETA/ this competiion has now closed & the Hat has been named - thanks so much for your help!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead