Issue 18 of Knit Now saw another Woolly Wormhead pattern published!



A Trio of Hats are 3 Hats with similar characteristics, namely a deep garter brim and a delicate trim on the body.

Firstly, we have the square top, which really, isn't a true square top as it flares out ever so slightly as you edge towards the crown (which is a shape I *love*). Above we have baby Urban modelling, and below we see baby Reuben in the samples that were sent to the magazine. We took the shots of Reuben last summer before the Hats went in the post, and the Hats Urban is wearing I whipped up the other week on my trip to the UK, just for him.




A set of Hats wouldn't be complete without a pixie Hat, eh? And it's a pretty decent pixie top, too; nice and pointy.




And finally, we have the beanie version of the set. Simple in shape yet the little details make it more interesting than a regular beanie cap.



The Trio of Hats aren't just for babies, even though they're modelled on them here! In my usual fashion, I've sized them all the way up to teenagers/small adults, and with 5 sizes included and being easily adjustable with a heavier gauge yarn, this is a pattern for the whole family. The set is written for DK yarn, yet subbing with a worsted will take the size range even further.

Unfortunately an error has been found already, which is totally my fault, as I managed to omit 2 lines of the pattern then copy and past that error throughout :( As written in the magazine the pattern will work, however, to get the effect of the detailed textured strip as shown, you'll want to purl one round either side of the eyelet round. My apologies :)

The rights for the pattern will revert back to me 4 months from the publication date, and we've been having fun trying to get as many different photos of the different samples on different babies as we can! The pattern will be republished at the beginning of June (and the error noted above will have been corrected, too) but in the meantime, Knit Now have gone digital with an iPhone app so you can get the issue there (tho' us Android users will have to wait a little longer)

ps/ I think this blog post needs one of those captions that you used to see in the old catalogues (and maybe still do?) -"cabled cardigan is model's own". 'Cos I know *someone* is bound to ask!

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