so... Mr Tom has been wanting to retire from the male modelling business for a while, or at least, has been wanting not be the only male model around here. And some time last year, I managed to take a quick, sneaky photo of a friend of The Yard, and before he knew it, we decided he could be the new male face of Woolly Wormhead.

We had our first photoshoot on Tuesday. It was a glaringly sunny day which didn't help but still, considering it was the first time my camera met Piro properly, I don't think we did too badly.



Some of my recent much needed no-thinking-knitting has been free pattern sample reknitting. This one is Dylan's Beanie, knit up in Knit Picks Gloss DK (which nearly always gives me a worsted gauge)

Interestingly, the first quick shot I took last year of Piro was beardless, and he looks very different bearded - versatility, methinks. I also feel he suits his glasses brilliantly (as I've found most Italians do) yet the sun was causing them to react and look a lot darker than usual - something to bear in mind for the future.



We also took shots of Ribbed Beanie, as well as a couple of other new designs which I can't yet share. As well as updating the photos for these two patterns, I've also dropped them into the newer layout, so they feel a bit more cohesive. It feels good to update old patterns, to give them a fresh lick of paint, as it were.

A thumbs up for Piro, yes?


ETA/ I found that first photo I took! Notice that he's wearing a Tom-size Hat and it's a little too big...


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