I've just returned from a quick trip back to London, where I got to hang out with friends, visit as many knit-nights as humanly possible, and generally remind myself of how much faster the pace of life is there..



It really was a whirlwind trip and I'm still catching my breathe! It was so lovely though to see and chat with so many sorely missed friends.

Upon my return I was greeted by this, which didn't best please me...



The white stuff is still here, despite the sun's best efforts. So much fell in 48hrs that it's likely to be hanging around for weeks. My plane was actually held in the air for 30mins above Bologna airport as they hurried to clear the runway.

And I amused myself on the plane by playing around with the camera filters on my phone...



I'm feeling very relieved that I cancelled most commissions and deadlines for this year... the reason for my trip is that my physical health has taken a funny turn again and there's going to be a few more trips back and forth while we work out what's going on. I'm not delighted about it, but glad that this time they're acting much more promptly. 

Meanwhile, the sample knitting & design development for Playful Woolly Toppers continues - there's really only 2 patterns left to finish, which is all very manageable. Here's a sneaky peak at a design in development that I was working on during my trip back (which, really, wasn't the best plan, as knit-nights invariably involve alcohol and that never really helps at working out the kinks..)


We've a photoshoot booked tomorrow and a few designs need their final touches before being sent off to the remaining magazine commissions, so it's going to be a busy week!

ps/ the winner of the February give-away was Raelene, and her parcel is already on her way to her. Thank you all so much for taking part, I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments!

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