... there may be a new pattern or two. 

These have been in progress for what feels like a millennium; the pattern writing isn't finished yet, and after that they'll need to go for test knitting then tech editing. But at least I have created something new, and that's an achievement in itself.



This first (currently nameless) design comes in two flavours - slouchy and beanie. Designed using The Little Knitting Company's luxurious Cashmere & Yak yarn, the stripes are worked to always have the join round visible - a very simple but effective technique. The yarn is delicate and drapey and lends itself perfectly to the style of the Hat, and a little goes a long way - 50g of each colour was enough to produce both Hats, and there's still a some left over.




Although it's not evident when flat, this second new (also currently nameless) design is the same shape as Tangled River and Pavone when worn.

Featuring a chunky mono cable and knit in yummy Malabrigo Merino worsted, the Hat is drapey and comfy. The pattern features a clever little trick that allows for seamless combination of cast-on methods - I need to get better photos of this (light and photo mojo not playing well this morning) but the photo below shows that the rib section has a ribbed cast on, and the cable (which starts at the cast-on edge, not after the ribbing) has a stable non-ribbed cast on. I want to get a tutorial up for this at some point in the new year, as it's not as straight forward to do as you may first think, and there's a few good reasons for that. Needless to say that the pattern will tell you how to do this perfectly!

The decreases for the crown are worked all the way through in the moss (seed) stitch, and that's clearly detailed too, so that the pattern is seamless to the end. We've a photo shoot booked this coming weekend for these Hats (and one or two secret others), and I'm looking forward to getting these finished.



Guess I'd better get on with some pattern writing then...

AuthorWoolly Wormhead