Indeedy, this year's Mystery Hat-A-Long is now over. The final pattern has been sent to participants and folks are now free to share photos of their completed Hats (and that includes me!).



Meet Erica. Or at least, meet one half of Erica. Because this pattern is one of 2 styles.



This year the Mystery Hat-A-Long was all about options. There was the choice between regular Brim and peaked Brim. Then there was the choice between regular beret-like Body or slouchy Body. Then there was the choice between regular Crown shaping or bonus Crown shaping (not in the final pattern!).

There were other extras too, such as the after-thought peak for those who were maybe not so sure which way they wanted their Hat to go. And the size chart, for all those working to a different gauge and/or yarn. The final pattern doesn't include these extras, yet for £3 there's still a lot of pattern in there - 2 Hat styles with charts and written instructions, all in 4 sizes.



The sponsorship yarn, Fyberspates Vivacious DK, is incredibly soft and bouncy and sturdy and gives fantastic stitch definition. I know that this year more folks knitted their Hats with the recommended yarn than in previous years, which is quite something.



Circles and twisted stitches are favourite themes of mine, and as much as I tried to fight them and try something different, the design wanted to be what it is. Softly strung circles work their way up from the Brim, and the lines continue into the Crown creating a decorative, structural effect.



And the name of the Hat?

Erica was my Nan's name, who sadly passed during the MKAL. She was a character, a strong woman, someone with her own strong style. I couldn't think of a more apt name.

I do hope you've enjoyed the Mystery Hat-A-Long! It almost didn't happen, but I'm glad it did, despite all the hiccups and challenges in getting the pattern designed and ready.

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