Oh yes, it's now time to release the 2013 Mystery KAL! It's our 6th year, dudes!



The pattern is now up for sale which means you can now sign up. The 1st available file is the Intro file, containing all the data you need to get started. The discussion thread has been set up on Ravelry and I'd say it's compulsory to share photos of your yarn choices.

There's a hashtag for Twitter and Instagram - #WWMysteryHat - although I won't be able to answer questions there, I'm afraid. Likewise Facebook or email - to benefit everyone and to help keep my sanity over the next few weeks, please post any questions on the the Ravelry board - thank you!

I'm off this morning on the next leg of the tour, to visit my very good chum Babylonglegs. I've planned ahead and purchased a truck load of data roaming so I'll be able to keep up with posts and tweets while I'm travelling. 

And finally, here's the linky!

2013 Mystery KAL

Enjoy!! See you over in the group, yes?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead