Since Etsy implemented a digital download service, that automatically delivers the PDF to the buyer, I've been meaning to get my Etsy store up and running again. The manual emailing of PDFs or download links wasn't very practtical, given that I'm on a different time zone to many of my customers and that we don't have 24/7 internet, so this new service makes a big difference! 

I haven't got many patterns listed yet, but there's about 10 up already, which include a few faves such as Quynn

and Camden Cap


Over the coming weeks, internet permitting, I plan to get many more up.

The super useful thing that I noticed today when I logged in was that I'm now able to accept credit card payments through Etsy, instead of just PayPal. I know there are many knitters who aren't comfortable with, or who don't trust Paypal, so this offers an alternative method of payment! 

Kudos to Etsy for sorting out both the automated delivery of digital files AND the payment choices.

The Etsy patterns are priced in UK£.. if you're preferring to pay in US$ then I have a whole bunch of patterns available over in my Craftsy store, and I plan to get more listed there too, especially as listing is free and they don't expire like they do on Etsy.


My Etsy shop

My Craftsy shop

I've only a few days left until I leave for my mad dash around the UK, visiting yarn shops and teaching classes and trying to get as many people as possible to try on Hats. This weekend I'm planning all my journey knitting, bearing in mind how many hours will be spent on coaches getting from here to there! I fully expect to have a few new Hats popping off the needles by the time I get back.

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